Survey Select Featured Artists

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri : OR

“Survey Select -- Narrative Art Exhibition” is a critical assembly of 65 world-class artists of our time. This exhibition will exemplify the inspired state of modern painting displayed in a warehouse museum setting July 15, 2010 through September 5, 2010 in San Diego, CA. (Private opening Thursday, July 15, 2010 and open to public on Friday, July 16, 2010).

Marshall Arisman : NY

Invited artists represent an emerging community of fine art painters from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States ranging in ages 18 to 75. Many of the featured artists have been featured in museums, documentaries, books and actively teach. “Survey Select” is curated by Mark Murphy who believes, “This exposition will break away from conceived notions and misnamed labels and elevate a diverse group of artists dedicated to their passionate vocation.”

Shawn Barber : CA

“Survey Select” looks to heighten community awareness through dramatic presentation, film screenings, lectures, workshops and artist receptions over six weeks. A website is currently in the works and will feature more information and a series of critical essays. More information about this modern day art salon soon. Please review some of the featured artists listed below:

Stéphane BLANQUET : France

David Michael Bowers : PA

Kelsey Brookes : CA

William Buzzell : PA

Victor Castillo : Spain

Kevin Christy : CA

Rob and Christian Clayton : CA

Hugo Crosthwaite : Brooklyn : Mexico

Dalek : NC

Brendan Danielsson : GA

Daniel Martin Diaz : AZ

Scott Daniel Ellison : NY

P-Jay Fidler : CA

Kyle Field : CA

AJ Fosik : PA

Titi Freak : Hamilton Yokota : Brazil

Frohawk Two Feathers : CA

Matt Furie : CA

Maya Hayuk : NY

Lars Henkel : Germany

Ryan Heshka : Canada

Logan Hicks : NY

Micah Ganske : HI

Henry Gunderson : CA

James Jean : CA

David Jien : CA

Mi Ju : Korea

Mel Kadel : CA

Hiro Kurata : NY : Japan

Tasha Kusama : CA

Dan Kennedy : Canada

James Kirkpatrick : Canada

David Choong Lee : CA

Anthony Lister : Australia

Mars-1 (aka Mario Martinez) : CA

Sean McGaughey : CA

Jacob Magraw Mickelson : OR

Brendan Monroe : CA : Sweden

Barbara Nessim : NY

Kevin Paulsen : NY

Anthony Pontius : NY

Albert Reyes : CA

Souther Salazar : CA

Erik Mark Sandberg : CA

Bonnie M Smith : NY

Jeff Soto : CA

Rachell Sumpter : OR

Mark Todd : CA

Edwin Ushiro : HI

Miss Van : France

Oliver Vernon : NY

Marco Wagner : Germany

Esther Pearl Watson : CA

Kent Williams : CA

Martin Wittfooth : Canada : NY

Justin Wood : CA

Marco Zamora : CA

Survey Select
All original artwork to be displayed at “Survey Select,” July 15 - Sept 5, 2010
Wonder Bread Factory : 1440 Imperial Avenue : San Diego : CA : (14th & Imperial)
Museum Hours : Tuesday through Sunday 10 am - 5 pm daily : all event times are listed here

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