Survey Select Narrative Art Exhibition : Intro

Earlier this year, I promised to assemble a high-caliber grouping of emerging artists in a “Salon” inspired exhibition. On July 15, 2010 in San Diego, California, 65 artists will be presented over 8 weeks in a museum-quality exhibition entitled, “Survey Select--Narrative Art Exhibition” at the Wonderbread Factory : 171 14th Street : San Diego : CA : 92101.

Albert Reyes

“Survey Select” is an assembly of cultural instigators who are not afraid to articulate the complexities of life through their personal, thought provoking, narrative style. “Survey Select” pays homage to curators and art salons of the past by celebrating a new style of narrative that evades intellectual labeling.

Ashley Macomber

Throughout the 1920s, Salons were created to gather artists, intellectuals, musicians and writers to talk about art and ideas essential to the European and American cultures. The Salon was “interdisciplinary” and inspired the surrealist movement, which flourished in the visual arts, literature, music and film. The Surrealists broke away form the conventions of realism, rejected rationality, experimented and were not afraid to celebrate the macabre.

Walter Hopps, Co-Founder : Ferus Gallery : Los Angeles : CA

Thirty years later, artists in the United States challenged established traditions in popular mass culture and incorporated advertising, comics and mundane objects into their work. Pop art looked to defy abstract expressionism and emphasize day after day kitsch. Walter Hopps, co-founder of the Ferus Gallery in 1957 (originally located at 723 N La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA), was the first to exhibit Andy Warhol’s “Soup Cans” in 1962. The same year Walter organized the first Pop exhibition, “New Painting of Common Objects,” at the Pasadena Art Museum.

Dan Kennedy

Over forty years later, and much like the “New Painting of Common Objects,” “Survey Select” looks to inspire new thinking in the world of contemporary art. Eclectic by nature and selective by choice, “Survey Select” examines a new tradition of narrative painting.

Rachell Sumpter

You are cordially invited to attend “Survey Select” narrative art exhibition opening on July 15, 2010 at 6:00 PM and on view through September 5, 2010 at the historic Wonder Bread Factory, 1440 Imperial Avenue : San Diego : CA : 92101 (located at 14th St and Imperial Ave). Multiple community events, workshops, film screenings, artist panel discussions and receptions will be taking place during the entire exhibition.

Miss Van

Artists featured, represent Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Finland, Korea, Japan, Spain and the United States and feature: Marshall Arisman, Shawn Barber, David Michael Bowers, Kelsey Brookes, William Buzell, Victor Castillo, Kevin Christy, Rob and Christian Clayton, Hugo Crosthwaite, Dalek, Brendan Danielsson, Daniel Davidson, Daniel Martin Diaz, Scott Daniel Ellison, P-Jay Fidler, Kyle Field, AJ Fosik, Titi Freak, Frohawk Two Feathers, Matt Furie, Maya Hayuk, Lars Henkel, Ryan Heshka, Micah Ganske, Cameron Gray, Henry Gunderson, James Jean, David Jien, Mi Ju, Mel Kadel, James Kirkpatrick, Hiro Kurata, Tasha Kusama, Dan Kennedy, David Choong Lee, Anthony Lister, Ashley Macomber, Mario Martinez (Mars1), Sean McGaughey, Jacob Magraw Mickelson, Brendan Monroe, Barbara Nessim, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Kevin Paulsen, Anthony Pontius, Albert Reyes, Souther Salazar, Erik Mark Sandberg, Bonnie M Smith, Jeff Soto, Rachell Sumpter, Mark Todd, Edwin Ushiro, Miss Van, Oliver Vernon, Marco Wagner, Esther Pearl Watson, Kent Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Justin Wood and Marco Zamora.

Survey Select
All original artwork to be displayed at “Survey Select,” July 15 - Sept 5, 2010
Wonder Bread Factory : 1440 Imperial Avenue : San Diego : CA : (14th & Imperial)
Museum Hours : Tuesday through Sunday 10 am - 5 pm daily : all event times are listed here

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