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“Survey Select” features 65 renowned artists from distinctively different countries celebrating their love of storytelling. Visit the Wonder Bread Factory July 15 – September 5 and discover a thematic warehouse interior designed by Bells & Whistles. Drop by again, and experience diverse programming that incorporates film, music, writing, open dialogue and a series of workshops presented over eight weeks.

Kevin Paulsen

Curator, Mark Murphy, delivers an unabridged contemporary art exhibition that celebrates the dramatic culmination of artists, book publishing, promoting, collecting and his twenty year odyssey archiving the narrative art movement from around the world. Mark has collaborated with hundreds of artists who share in a distinct vision—a passion for creating narrative work. Mark has worked closely with many leading contemporaries: Jeff Soto, the Clayton Brothers, Kelsey Brookes, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Erik Mark Sandberg, Brandon Boyd (Incubus) and countless others.

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

“Survey Select” premiers in San Diego at the Wonder Bread Factory located at 1440 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA (14th & Imperial) and will be on display Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm each day with a full calendar of events. Events will showcase live music: SSI, Thesis Sahib and MANUOK, as well as eight Art House Films celebrating the artistic spirit of documentary film. Hands-on-workshops, lectures and a full schedule of dates and times can be found here.

David Jien

RSVP here for the July 15, “Survey Select” premier and private event, 6 pm - 11 pm, featuring full bar by La Jolla Beverage Co., tasty treats by Just Taste It Catering, floral design by Florabella, interior space by Bells & Whistles, live music by SSI and visiting artists from around the world. Please bring a valid ID for entry, 21 and over please.

Hugo Crosthwaite

“Painting has at least this much in common with discourse: when it gives rise to a force which creates history, it is political.” —Michel Foucault, 1957

“The Narrative Art movement never went away. We are now experiencing a renaissance in storytelling that invites us to closely examine the density of subject and painted form.” —Mark Murphy, 2010

Discover more about “Survey Select” — ArtistsPatrick Coyne ArticlePress ReleaseRSVP for 07/15.

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