Joel Nakamura’s Narrative at Comic-Con

Oil—Atrox Amnis (terrible torrent )—the Mecha G (18" x 18" mixed media on metal)

Joel Nakamura is featured at this year’s Murphy Art Book installation at Comic-Con, Booth No. 4833. Joel is a modern mythology master and this year’s paintings on metal canvas are no exception. Mr. Nakamura, grew up in Los Angeles and now living in Santa Fe, is an exceptional narrative art maker who is continually inspired by great storytelling of historians and writers through the ages.

Oil Mutation (12" x 12" mixed media on metal)

Joel Nakamura has created 3 unique pieces on tin panels, “Astro Boy In Oil Spill,” “Oil Mutation” and “Oil—Atrox Amnis (terrible torrent )—the Mecha G.” All 3 panels will hang with Travis Lampe at the Murphy Art Books Comic-Con Booth No. 4833.

Astro Boy In Oil Spill (12" x 12" mixed media on metal)

Joel consistently creates dream like worlds inspired by childhood dreams of Godzilla and Ultraman with a twist of ancient mythology. Joel Nakamura writes, “Epiphany usually is inspired from beauty. James Joyce also talked about the epiphany from horror. These paintings are inspired from the conundrum we face from the oil leak in the gulf. The clean up, the death to life, the possible mutations to life as we know it.” See you at booth No 4833 and RSVP for the “Survey Select” Comic Con party on Thursday, July 22 from 6 pm to Midnight featuring live music by Thesis Sahib.

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