John Purlia and His Kewpie Apocalypse

Belinda and friends bear witness to the Second Coming (L)
Envy springs forth from the pious song of man (R)

John Purlia is an avid collector of curious things. Little Kewpie dolls, plastic toys, vinyl records, lunch boxes, gumball machine prizes and everything that appears to be just a little bit off. John’s obsession for collecting is pristinely organized throughout his entire home. Walking through you would understand why, John in 2004, decided to embark on a photographic journey documenting and assembling hundreds of objects into one thematic portrait. Of course, John's collection might take a lifetime to capture on film.

Michelino "Dante And His Poem"

John Purlia celebrates this Fourth of July holiday weekend at the Pannikin Coffee & Tea Gallery in La Jolla with his latest collection appropriately titled, “Seven Signs of the Kewpie Apocalypse.” And its, “No wonder!” John has painstakingly organized his favorite collection into a Kewpie universe that seems to take a page out of “The Divine Comedy.” You know, that epic poem writte by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his untimely death in 1321. And much like Dante’s chapters of Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, John developed his Kewpie inspired allegory.

“Finance” : Details
John has been hard at work assembling his inspired worlds all throughout the year. Come to the Pannikin July 3 at 3-5pm for the opening reception and stop by and see the work on view until July 30, 2010. John Purlia will be displaying new photos, stop motion animations, slideshows, and an installation of records, toys and alphabet blocks running throughout the gallery. The Pannikin is located at 7467 Girard Avenue in La Jolla, CA 92037. John will also be featured as a creative writer for the upcoming “Survey Select” exhibition July 15-September 5 at the Wonder Bread Factory. The talent keeps on coming. See you there.

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