Manuel Bello’s Narrative Voice

Martin Wittfooth (detail)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally come. Years in the making, the brain child of Mark Murphy, author, curator, designer, director, writer and founder of Murphy Design. Murphy has spent a good part of 2010 fine tuning “Survey Select,” an international art arsenal that will no doubt go down as one of the most ground breaking art exhibits of 2010.

Anthony Lister : Justin Wood

Original Paintings created for Survey Select

“Survey Select” showcases more then 50 artists from around the globe. This exhibition carries one common theme, the fundamentals of narration. Granted there are many forms of art that tell a more abstract story but the whole premise of art in any form is it's voice. Good art should always be heard. “Survey Select” provides the platform needed to give these appointed artists a solitary voice without typecasting them into one particular genre or another.

Kent Williams : Oliver Vernon : Shawn Barber
Original Paintings created for Survey Select

On July 15th Mark Murphy will be gathering this power house assortment in a “Salon” setting based within the Wonder Bread Factory located in downtown San Diego (1400 Imperial Ave/SD). The “Salon” setting creates the perfect backdrop for what will surely inspire patrons of culture for years to come.

Manuel Bello : Fecal Face NY Correspondent

Mark Murphy is no stranger to art history and he is clearly taking notes from those who have broken molds in years past. “Survey Select” boldly challenges the traditional aspects of current art exhibitors by taking a completely new approach to what is known as conventional narration. This is more than just and art an exhibit, this is an art event. In the words of the great Hunter S. Thompson, "Buy the ticket, take the ride!" —Manuel Bello

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