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The Things I don’t know I don’t know, 2010 : 24 x 24" : latex, acrylic, glitter on board

Maya Hayuk : NY
There are things I know I know, like stuff in my immediate surroundings and inside my heart. There are the things I know I don't know, like quantum mechanics and the names of all (or any) of the members of Canned Heat. Then there are the things i don't know that i don't know. I don't even know what the questions are that I'd need to ask to find out the answers".

The Quiet Battle : 18 x 18" (acrylic/silver leaf/mixed media on cradled wood panel)

The Quiet Battle: Sketch : 6" round (pencil crayon/silver/gouache on tracing paper) : Sold

Ryan Heshka : Canada
We live in a world of quiet conflict, which happens on a subtler level than the obvious, larger conflicts we see in the media. Machine versus nature—animal instincts versus our "programmed" (accepted) human society. The piece is a study of the concept of quiet conflict: soft, feminine elements (quiet), versus the harsh, sharp, masculine elements (battle). The viewer has a voyeuristic, "peep-hole" view of the scene, as if looking through a powerful telescope... and like a telescopic view, we don't hear the sound of the battle raging, but it rages just the same.

Airport purgatory : 24"x36" : etched plexiglass and spraypaint

Logan Hicks : NY
"This piece is part of a new series that I began a year ago. With this new series it extracts all the extra information so the viewer can focus on the human story without being distracted. This particular piece was taken in Heathrow airport as I waited for several hours for my flight to be rescheduled. As I sat there I couldnt help but notice how people react to others around them. This one guy just sat there staring forward as though his life had just ended. It was like he was trying to transport himself to a better place. I pulled out my camera and snapped a photo right as the woman over his shoulder turned around."

Waiting : Acrylic & Pastel : (2010) : 34" x 34”

James Jean : CA
James is a fine art painter born in 1979, Taipei, Taiwan and who now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

The Who riders / who's it going to be him or me : 14"x25" : graphite, color pencil, gouache, and gold leaf on paper

David Jien : CA
Entering into David Jien’s cinereal universe is a hallucinatory experience, in which even a familiar face is (literally an) alien—though as the lyrics say, people are strange, when you’re a stranger. Like lost charts, Jien’s drawings depict a vertiginous temporal reality, alternating between the dawn of a folkloric world when mythological creatures still walked amongst men, and an unknown future in which aliens have finally reached contact. Indeed, there is an overarching sense of fantasy, of going There and Back Again on an episodic quest.

Melting : Acrylic on canvas : 18" 24"

Mi Ju : Korea
Entitled “Melting” because the painting is one of my series of North Pole.

Tangled Through : pen & ink, watercolor, collage, on paper : 22 “ x 30" : Sold

Mel Kadel : CA
This piece tells the story of our connections to one another. I believe that we are all tangled and looped together, and are integrated into each other's personal paths. Our individual journeys of moving forward, are always combined with those around us.

As the Music Swelled they Whispered the Words, “Descent with Modification” : 54"x 18" : 2010 oil/canvas

Dan Kennedy : Canada
"The work attempts to explore the historical and popular imagination as a collective ghost story, populated and narrated by a cast of real and imaginary characters and locations, where the phantoms of the past continue to speak to our modern culture. The boundaries are permeable . Themes of exploration have been; science and magic, social and political conflict, wonder and paranoia, public memory and the private imagination, histories of subversion and resistance and the projection of new worlds. The work is a hybrid of various thoughts, images, texts and fantasies based on official and unofficial histories. They all become points of departure and investigation throughout the working process."

who put their toes in my goblet : 18" x 24" : Acrylagouache and Acrylic

James Kirkpatrick :Canada
I am interested in the language of reoccurring marks that change and evolve over time in my paintings, which begin as abstract pieces but always end up with figurative elements in them. This figurativeness is mostly accidental and what I believe is part of my subconscious coming through in the work. The different “figures” interacting with other shapes and colors are what often lends a narrative aspect to the paintings. Visually, they tend to reflect my influences from hobo graffiti and popular culture, such as comics and cartoons.

Study of Cain and Abel : 36x36" : Acrylic on Wood

Hiro Kurata : Japan
This is one of my studies of the story "Cain and Abel" from the Book of Genesis. "Cain and Abel" are the first mythical brothers."Cain is a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel is a shepherd. Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother, after God has rejected his offerings of produce but accepted the animal sacrifices brought by Abel." The painting is my take on the myth and by replacing Cain being the Caucasian baseball player and Abel being the African-American boxer; we can possibly have a new perspective on the great myth.

This is a whole new series that I just started to work on. It is the first series of my 'Study of Cain and Abel" and I am planning to do 8 other paintings with this title. It is my take on the new perspective on warrior/ brotherhood fight/ capitalism vs idealism/ materialism vs materialism/ wht if Abel fights back?/ sort of theory. For the one I submitted "~the boxer" Baseball and Boxing is perhaps the two main sports that represents America, and what if these two top athletes fight? (brotherhood fight) bat x fist , and what if Abel (boxer) fights back and beats Cain? That would be a start of a new myth.

THE NIGHT TRAVELERS, 2010 : 22x30” : Acrylic on Rives BFK paper : Sold

CHEAP JEWELRY AT MAY FAIRE, 2010 : 10X16” : Mixed Media on Panel : Sold

Tasha Kusama : CA
The night travelers are stages of being going on the journey of the unknown, having a moment of reprieve, doing the round and round, the freeing of, and on to the next. Portals are there for the choosing…the revolving door, the shining gold, or into the looming darkness…Each leads to the next phase of the story. Will it be a wise decision, or will it end up where it began? Playing music along the way…

The individual in the painting is caught in the flux between natural simplicity and excess. She is constantly weighed down by the acquiring of stuff…the constant need for the next shiny object, only to find that it leaves her seeking a more purposeful destiny.

Diving to Wonderland : 24'' x 22'' x 8'' : acrylic and oil on 4 wooden boxes

David Choong Lee : CA
After seven years of focusing on the figure, he began to explore different concepts, such as mixed media, sculpture and graphic design. He's been influenced by such diverse sources as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Sukdo, and underground music DJ scenes. He ended up creating his own artistic style that is a combination of graffiti, collage, portrait, and classical realistic skill with bold graphic elements. As you can see by the release of his products, he has combined many different forces to create his own, distinctive style.

emotional terrorism : 9" x 12" : mixed media on canvas

super is as paris does : 80" x 57" : mixed media on canvas

Anthony Lister : Australia
Anthony describes the first painting, “I often refer to parenting as the guilt that keeps on giving. This painting is a representation of a child aware of his parent's emotional vulnerabilities and using it to his advantage.” And the second, “I met Paris Hilton and then did this painting of her as a super hero.”

20” x 20” : Acrylic on wood panel :(2010)

James Marshall (Dalek) : NC

Transcendental Disaster : Acrylic on Canvas : 98” x 62”

Mars-1 : Mario Martinez : CA

That Color Makes Your Face Look Ugly and Poor :(2010) : mixed media on paper : 17" x 36"

Sean McGaughey : CA

Transfixed : Acrylic on paper : 17 x 22”

Brendan Monroe : CA
I currently live and work in Stockholm Sweden with my wife Evah and our cat Jalapeño.

Sea Pearl : Aluminum Panel w/Digital Print : 4’ x 4’ : (2010)

Carnival Heat : Aluminum Panel w/Digital Print : 4’ x 4’ : (2010)

Barbara Nessim :NY
A lasting impact is made when 3000 years of beauty paradigms are compressed and distilled, as in the artworks “Sea Pearl” and “Carnival Heat” from the series Chronicles of Beauty. The Greco-Roman sculptures utilized in these pieces present the historical archetype of beauty. Standards of beauty have evolved and broadened throughout the ages, as there is greater access and media exposure to the diverse ideals of what people find attractive cross-culturally. Chronicles of Beauty combines historical models of perfection with modern elements to pose questions about the social implications of the quest for beauty and acceptance.

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