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Little house in my heart : 14” x 35” : oil on rising bowl (2006)

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri : OR
This painting is about people that I have loved and lost. Some people in my life have left this world in unusual, unpredictable ways and I remember them in this painting. I also think about how I will die and what will happen to me afterwards. I like the idea of my body going back to the earth, maybe being food for a cougar or vultures. This painting explores some burial customs, feelings and memories. I chose to paint it in a hand carved rising bowl because it reminds me of a little primitive coffin.

PaleoCat : 38” x 14" : Bones (found in owl pellets) in rising bowl

I spend a lot of time outside hiking and exploring in the high desert of central Oregon. When hiking in canyons, I often come across owl pellets. This is what the owl coughs up after eating a rodent. Owls cannot digest bones, teeth and fur, so they cough it up in the form of a compact little pellet. I collect these, dissect them, wash and sort the bones and make things out of them.

Dispersion 1 (Fragment 1) : Pigment on Plaster atop Styrene in Box frame : 48" x 48"

Dispersion (Fragment 2) : Pigment on Plaster atop Styrene in Box frame : 48" x 48"

Kevin Paulsen : NY
A forest is filled with celebratory figures that dance and tumble about. Revelers appear oblivious to the dark and deformed element creeping in around the edges of this watery glade. Folks continue to frolic unaware that nature has grown tired of being ignored and abused. Hedonistic masked fools and sleepwalkers fail to heed the warning call of the black birds stumbling through the sky above. Orbs and multi-light droplets-visitors from the begotten universe invade... an attempt to awaken the consciousness of those indifferent to the beauty that surrounds them. These paintings were finished in the first few weeks of the ongoing gulf oil spill. Dispersion 1 and 2 hint at the folly inherent to the human condition and to the possibility of an enlightened redress of our collective self-interest.

limits of illusion : oil on panel : 24"x24" : 2009

another dilemma of diligence : oil and acrylic on panel : 12x12" : 2010

Anthony Pontius : NY
My paintings are meant to be free of any particular meaning... to me they are ambivalent...they are in a state of flux and change their appearance with each viewer... they are for the viewer to decide what they want them to be... much like life they tell a story that grows from wonder and speculations... for me, another dilemma of diligence is a contemporary reference to the old tale of little red ridding hood. the painting depicts the loss of old

Graphite on Book Covers : 5" x 7" Various Sizes

Albert Reyes : CA
Albert Reyes has been known to spit art on his hands and knees with a mouth full of beer in the middle of the street. He has also shown in a gallery along with a painting by Picasso. These same strange dualities and juxtapositions are highly prevalent in his work, which tackles both conceptual and graffiti art. Recognized for his ubiquitous “GIVE” tag, Albert has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and American pop culture; but also by contemporary and classical “high art”. Many of his drawings and illustrations incorporate everything from icons of corporate America to Hollywood stars to mass media to politics to consumerism.—Dirty Pilot

We Are Looking for the Next Big Adventure : medium: mixed media : Sold

Souther Salazar : CA
Souther Salazar's work first began to circulate in the early 90's, in the form of photocopied cut-and-paste minicomics and ‘zines made in his bedroom as a teenager in rural Oakdale. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Salazar moved to Los Angeles where he currently lives and works. Salazar exhibits his collages, paintings, drawings, and sculptures in dense and frenzied installations that encourage exploration and participation by the viewer. His published works include Destined for Dizziness, The Monster That Ate Stars, and many contributions to the art and comics anthology Kramer's Ergot.

Youth With Animal Skin Jacket : 48” X 36” : oil, enamel, airbrush, and silk-screen on panel

Girl With Summer Fever (Pink) : sculpture : 20" x 10" x 14" : 20 lbs : (2010)

Erik Sandberg : CA
“Youth With Animal Skin Jacket” is a painting that comments on the synthesized effects contemporary culture has on an individual. In this case the specimen is a youth. The hair is a metaphor for these effects. Using this visual vehicle also parallels the alarmist news reports claiming traces of pharmaceuticals found in tap water, contemporary teen fashion, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Rap music, etc.

Bonnie M. Smith : NY
Tiny portraits tell small stories in this assemblage of ceramic objects. Bonneted babies, needle stuck eyes, mysteriously paired hands, and oddly sprung flowers speak to small tales of distant moments, long harbored secrets, mystical events, and concealed feelings. I began creating this collection out of a desire to explore many ideas and techniques quickly and directly - a sort of sculptural sketch book if you will. Having no preconceived ideas as I made these pieces, I was often surprised by what arose in the work, which came from a place deeper than the conscious mind. When enough pieces were created, I envisioned them as a collection drawn together by a painted frame. Only after, when I saw the completed ensemble did I recognize the resemblance to the long forgotten trophy mounts that had filled my childhood home. My father, an avid hunter, collected the heads and hooves of his kills and mounted them on wooden plaques much resembling the scalloped edged shape of my painted frame. Now my souvenirs, all these years later, are mounted and displayed as self created remnants of feeling and experience. Inspired by the narrative theme of this show, I began to let the objects themselves tell me their stories, as often I did not understand their meaning. Their stories are my stories, yet also I feel, they belong to you, as they arose out of the collective field of human experience. You can read their individual tales on the blog I have created to showcase their narratives at My vision is to create many more of these pieces, and to engage in an ongoing project of storytelling through these works, titled below:

#1 Red Wings
#2 Prim
#3 Elephant
#4 Jim's Blue
#5 Cat Face
#6 Big
#7 Stirred
#8 Needled
#9 Tooth Bonnet
#10 Give and Receive
#11 Lilith
#12 Blue Rose
#13 Red Tears : S
#14 White Bonnet
#15 Ocean : S
#16 Removable Brain : S
#17 A, B Sisters : S
#18 Oil Baby
#19 Glass Teeth
#20 Horn
#21 Baby Rose : S
#22 Cross My Heart
#23 Smoking Man
#24 Paired Hands : S

Matterhorn : 36" x 36" : acrylic on wood panel (2009)
Jeff Soto : CA
Visually I am exploring paint and being more spontaneous, trying to stay open to ideas and approach the panels without preconceived notions. I cannot shake my love for painting and rendering objects, and giving into my fertile imagination. I think if one was to look at my work from the past couple of years they'd see in some ways it is getting less character based, in favor of just painting what I feel needs to be there. I'm trying to avoid gimmicks, trying to stay honest with myself.

Portal : Acrylic and Cel-Vinyl on Panel : 18" x 24" : Sold

Mark Todd : CA
Mark Todd was first inspired to become an artist through his love of comic books and adventure movies as a kid growing up in Las Vegas. Thankfully, Mark’s love of superheroes and their villains have been assembled over an impressive body of work since his art career began. Mark describes, “My pieces blend images, words, and iconography—and are vividly action-packed and cleanly minimal featuring classic ‘Silver Age’ comic book covers.

Mascaras : 28" x 20 1/2" : acrylic on canvas

Miss Van : France/Spain
The first painting of a nude series, showing the female body as raw flesh, erotic object and pure sensuality. An invitation to the viewer.

Grapple : Acrylic on Wood Panel : 18" x 18" : 2010 : Sold

Oliver Vernon : CA
Visually, Brooklyn based artist Oliver Vernon’s paintings draw upon an incredibly varied pool of influences, from abstract expressionism, to post pop surrealism and the polished finish of figurative realism. Formally, his work is about the deconstruction, and hence the necessary reconstruction of visual space. From this central dichotomy stems many others: logic/illogic, physical/metaphysical, imprisonment/liberation. His paintings come to us, perhaps, as detailed snapshots of the few primordial milliseconds when the blueprint of the universe was being sculpted from the final throes of chaos. In this sense, anything goes. Each painting has it’s own set of rules, or rather the rules are being bent, broken and ultimately formed within each painting. Color, form, energy, architecture, good, evil, flesh and machine are lurking, never as physical entities, but as transient archetypes searching out their final places within the framework of the cosmos.

Bin im Garten | 24” x 18” | acrylic on wood pulp board | framed | 2010 : Sold

Bin im Park | 24” x 18” | acrylic on wood pulp board | framed | 2010

Bin im Wald | 24” x 18” | acrylic on wood pulp board | framed | 2010

Marco Wagner : Germany
A world is living outside that threats us and we act in fighting each other. It´s a beautiful and dangerous world, but if we want to be part of it, we should behave like Boxers.

Even When the Car Broke Down : Acrylic, glitter, and spray enamel on panel : 40"x60"

Esther Pearl Watson : CA
Esther Pearl Watson grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Her family moved often, since her father's hobby of building huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines didn't always sit well with the neighbors. Esther's pieces are often overtly narrative, clear but mysterious scenes of houses or figures ornamented with snippets of prose telling just enough to get the viewer's own imagination engaged, wanting to know more. Some are about family, some about places, all have a rich interior life. Her works without words are just as suggestive of story, also exerting a deep emotional pull.

Heart, 2010, Mixed media on wood panel, 20 x 16"

Kent Williams : CA
This piece grew out of an initial life drawing done directly in pen and ink on transparent vellum. I then painted with gouache on the back side of the vellum. (Which reminded me of painting the large mural Christmas scenes on the front doors and windows of my elementary school when I was 6 or 7 or so. From the inside I would paint on the glass, first the outlines of the figures and then apply the colors in reverse, so when viewed from the outside, all would appear in proper order.) From this point, I mounted the vellum on the prepared wood panel, sealed the vellum surface, and proceeded to paint in oils focusing in on the head and face. In wanting the piece to have some sort of suggestion of narrative (not that the human body really needs more than itself to do so), I played on the fragmented aspect and shape of the figure, incorporating a piece of red thread to suggest visually the shape of a heart.

Sanctuary : 48" x 36" : Oil on Linen : 2010

Martin Wittfooth
“Sanctuary” is a symbolic take on forced adaptation: symbiosis necessitated by the coexistence of the manufactured and the organic.

shelter seashore : 43.5" x 24.75" : digital ultra-chrome, acrylic, spray paint on paper

Justin Wood
They hid under the earth from their creation, ignorant of the havoc they were newly creating. twisting and twitching roots pulsing in a glorious disarray as the future crashed to the ground behind them.

der meister / the champion : 27.5" x 21" : digital ultrachrome, acrylic, spraypaint on paper

When the day was done and night descended on the forest, a long life of work was celebrated by muses all.

Yesterday : 18” x 18” : Ink and Watercolor on Wood Panel

Marco Zamora

The work is about experience and memory. I am very interested in the real, using objects and things that are lost, materials of everyday use. Color is being used as an attraction, as beauty and a distraction.I photograph what I see and use it as a fragment of time and reality to construct each piece. It is “the world as it is”, to capture people in their natural state of being. Recognizing objects for their meaning and usage. The unknown, where is it from and where will it go? Recognizing the unappreciated and the everyday routine. Playing with the idea of our waste and baggage. To place ideas on the unknown, appropriating actions, meanings and photos. Everything is important. The urban landscape is my wildlife. To recreate what I see and add life to life.

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