Cathie Bleck at Murphy Booth No. B10

Heaven (s) : Limboland : Hell : Kaolin Clay, ink on scratchboard panel

“Survey Select” concludes an eight-week run with one final installation of new art work created by Cathie Bleck and Mark Todd, September 2 – 5 at the SD Contemporary Art Fair, Booth No. B10, curated by Mark Murphy. Murphy Fine Arts celebrates artists who practice in the Narrative Art tradition, originating visual mythology, dense in subject matter and multi-layered techniques. This first installment features the original artistry of Cathie Bleck.

Cathie travels extensively and actively sketches and photographs

Cathie Bleck, originally from the Chicago area and now residing in Cleveland, has been featured in the New Britain Museum of Art and the Butler Museum. Cathie constructs her narrative from life’s rich experiences: growing up with eight brothers and sisters on a tree farm; professional experiences in Chicago, Dallas and New York; and world travels. Cathie created three new Kaolin clay scratchboard compositions entitled, “Heaven,” “Limboland” and “Hell.” Each can be described briefly, as follows:

Heaven, Limboland and Hell details

“Heaven” is a state of mind, an eternal garden of love and kindness. It is a place where one is completely free and at peace with everything. The mind, body and spirit are fulfilled through knowing you had offered the world your best, fought the right battles (armor), loved and lost (however, regained everything back that you cared about).

Open Spaces by Cathie Bleck, published by Murphy : sample pages

“Limboland” is a land without direction. An even longer journey than life, limbo perpetuates itself. Needless to say, this journey is free of the need for the use of a compass.

“Hell” is a place where you find yourself in the bondage of other worldly control. There is no freedom only the greedy consumption for more evil.

When Cathie Bleck was asked to identify some of the characters in her work, she described ”Heaven” as:

Heaven: State of Mind : Study : Graphite on Vellum

“At the gate of Heaven stands the protector of our soul, greeting her beloved brothers and sisters. ‘Heaven’ was originally inspired by the Selket Goddess, one of the four protectors of the shrine that contained the Canopic jars of King Tut in Egypt. Selket was the healer of venomous bites and the patron of magician-medics. She stands with spine exposed representing her ethics and her full moon headdress a powerful symbol of tranquility.” (Selket was typically assigned the sun’s scorching heat and the moon offered the contrary).

Limboland Study : Graphite on Vellum

Cathie’s panel, “Limboland” features the Wanderer, an aimless escapee from the jungles of life who was not willing to commit the time or energy to achieve personal goals. The Wanderer is caught up in the fog of life and constantly searching for the right direction.

Hell Study : Graphite on Vellum

In “Hell” many opposing themes exist in contrast to “Heaven.” A capturer of lost souls awaits, well protected with an alligator ready for a sneak away attempt. The keeper of Hell flows within his sinister chamber, corrupt and dishonored.

Open Spaces and Butler Museum catalog available in Booth B10

Cathie Bleck’s work is textural, the Kaolin clay is built up atop the wood panel and the movement of her knife reveals carved form and layers of color hidden beneath the surface. Cathie is featured at the Murphy Fine Art booth No. B10 at the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, Hilton Bayfront September 2-5 where you will find her original paintings, drawings and books. For acquisition information please contact me.

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