Mark Todd at Murphy Booth No. B10

Monkeys : Surprise Villain : 7" x 9" : mixed media

Mark Todd is a prolific image-maker and actively publishes do-it-yourself “zines.” Mark, originally from Las Vegas and now living in Pasadena, focuses his fine art on the deconstruction of superhero comic book characters. Once broken down, he melds them into dynamic sequences comprised of figurative forms, graphic textures and details. Often, the result is a compositional style that echoes his childhood past—complete with magic markers, crayons, “The Silver Age of Comic Books” by Jack Kirby and file boxes filled with Mark’s personal comic book creations.

Night Prowler : Demon (Cel Vinyl, Acrylic on Wood Panel)

Mark will be featured in the second installment of the documentary series Scribble.08, released later this year. In early creative development, Mark revealed his love of creating and then organizing hundreds of characters who possess unstoppable, super-human character traits. Jack Kirby was a consistent source for inspiration, and many artists and national ranking systems place him as the number one comic artist of all time.

Man Monster

Atlas Comics reports, “With all due respect to the gentleman listed below, the gap between Jack Kirby and the rest of the field might just as well be an ocean. Jack’s accomplishments are legion. Not only a great artist and cartoonist, but a breathtaking visual stylist who created a large portion of the storytelling language every comic artist uses today. He is the unquestioned king of invention; not just characters, but devices, stories, races, worlds, genres, and even companies flowed from his fingers. For over 50 years his exuberance, his vitality, and his sheer will carried an industry on his shoulders…”

Galore : 18" x 18" : Cel Vinyl, Acrylic on Wood Panel

For Mark, one of his favorite superhero teams is “The Fantastic Four” comprised of Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), Invisible Girl/Woman (Susan Storm), The Human Torch (Johnny Storm, younger brother of Susan) and The Thing (Ben Grimm).

Back in 2007, I worked on The Hanna-Barbera Treasury with Jerry Beck.
funny truth about this project soon to be revealed in a future post
While completing research I discovered studies for the 20-episode animation series
created by Hanna-Barbera in 1967-1970.

Survey Select features Mark Todd’s painting “Portal” (Sold)

Mark Todd’s paintings celebrate the Narrative Art tradition by paying homage to his comic-making innocence as a boy mixed with his adult sensibilities as a visual storyteller. Mark Todd and I have collaborated on a mini zine of his work, interviews, Miami Art Basel and “Survey Select.” Mark’s painting “Portal” sold immediately upon the exhibit’s opening back on July 15, 2010.

Invaders : 24" x 36" : Cel Vinyl, Acrylic on Wood Panel : (in progress photo)

Mark Todd features a new 24” x 36” painting on wood panel, “Invaders,” alongside two mixed media studies and five additional paintings at this year’s Contemporary Art Fair. Stop on over at Booth B10 and take a close look at Mark Todd’s pop-influenced body of work and check out some of his mini “zines” too. Murphy Fine Arts will be located at booth B10 at the Hilton Bayfront September 2-5 and “Survey Select” will be featured as a major destination located at 1400 Imperial Avenue, SD, CA, 92101. Interested in more about Mark Todd, please click Juggernaut Interview and Juggernaut Art History. For acquisition information please contact me.

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