Inside Out, Pre-Opening with the Clayton Brothers

This Will Help Them (on loan from the private collection of Mark Murphy)
Rob and Christian Clayton

Madison, WI features the first retrospective collection of Rob and Christian Clayton entitled, “Inside Out” at the MMoCA museum. For over ten years Rob and Christian unified forces to work in complement to each others decorated careers and for the past 48 hours, I have had the pleasure to see them in action.

Resource Center and Kids Area Installation

Rob and Christian take you on a journey that invites the viewer to participate in their new and unique worlds showcased by large-scaled works, installations and thematic shows that include, “Green Pastures” (2001-2002), “I Come From Here” (2004 - 2005), “Wishy Washy” (2006-2007), “Patient” (2007-2008), “As Is” (2008-2009) and “Jumbo Fruit” (2009-2010).

Rob and Christian Docent Tour Chat

Fortunately, I sat in on the MMoCA docent tour on Friday that walked through the 6 installation areas in sequence, highlighted by a sit down with Rob and Christian. It was interesting, as Rob and Christian introduced their process, their individual methods of thinking and how each exhibition evolves. It was most surprising to hear that each brother had their own take on any one painting, interpreting their works individually but in compliment to each other.

Installation for MMoCA Resource Center with new video

The exhibition takes place at MMoCA tonight, September 11—an ominous day to our Nation—but a most important day for Madison and the art world, as Rob and Christian Clayton introduce a unique perspective that motivates joy and inspiration. More soon. (Happy Birthday Cathie Bleck).

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