“Behind Photographs” by Tim Mantoani

Neil Leifer w/Muhammad Ali : Roberto Salas w/Ernesto “Che” Guevara :
Jim Marshall w/Johnny Cash

In December of 2006, Tim Mantoani set out to capture the most important photographers of our time behind the lens of one of th largest and heaviest Polaroid Instant Cameras ever known.

Authentically titled, “Behind Photographs,” is Tim Mantoani’s archival gift back to the photographic industry. Armed with a list of photographic heroes and his 20” x 24” Polaroid Instant Camera, Tim set out to create an impressive photographic art collection capturing private moments with legends who often put their lives on the line to capture a significant piece of history and freeze it within time. These legends have created memorable images that nourish opportunities to reflect, discuss and instigate change. Tim Mantoani has created a significant photographic collection that encapsulates true legacy, chronicling over 175 noteworthy photographers who have defined their generation.

Marilyn Monroe by Douglas Kirkland, 1961 : Marilyn was age 35

Mark Murphy and Murphy Design will be collaborating with Tim Mantoani on the book “Behind Photographs.” 248 Full-color pages chronicling Tim’s forward thinking photographic archive. Stay tuned, as the design process is in full motion.

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