Dezine SOUL by Mark Murphy

Dezine SOUL : Why? Journal created for Picture Mechanics

Esquina Norte design conference in Tijuana, Mexíco introduced the best creative talent from around the world this past September. Jhoana Mora, the heart and soul of this gathering for ten years, assembled an eclectic group of speakers from France, Germany, Mexíco, United States and Italy introducing new ideas in technology, architecture, furniture, graphic and interior design.

House Industries : Back in the day we both presented in Aspen, CO : 1997

The line up was great, featuring Mexican graffiti artist, Watchavato, the provocative Marc English, environmental designers Lot-ek, German typography designer Lars Harmsen, funky graphic creator Zoveck and a super long, showeverything: videos, packaging, typography, drawing presentation by Rich Roat of House Industries. An impressive group, as this was to be the last year of this conference in Tijuana.

Guapo y Fuerte : 72 pages about the Lucha Libre

Four years ago, I had shared a talk about creative road-mapping. To compliment my love for Mexican culture, the presentation evolved from the development of my first book “Guapo y Fuerte,” (Tough and Handsome), inspired by the pageantry of the Lucha Libre. Fortunately, I was invited back for a second time introducing, “Dezine SOUL,” 45 slides of inspiration over 45 minutes. And “Yes!” I came prepared with prizes.

Green Day Art Project curated by Logan Hicks (R) : Meggs Cover (L)

“Dezine Soul” began with a bold image created by Meggs, Australian stencil and graffiti artist, featured on the cover of the “Green Day Art Project” curated by Logan Hicks and designed by your friendly neighborhood ghost writer. A 15-minute introduction personal accounts: moving from Cleveland to California in 1999, the pursuit of limited edition publishing, developing relationships with corporate clients and actively collaborating with over 700 artists from around the world. Basically, 20 years of experience compressed into 15 minutes. (“Would hate for anyone to fall asleep, but it was dark and you never know.”)

Layout from Why? Journal

“Dezine SOUL” begins with a preliminary question, “Who are you? And why should other people care?” “It begins early in our childhood, everyone is encouraged to be creative, pushing line round and round—scribbling circular and jagged lines upon a page. The result of your creative output, no matter the shape, subject or color, is hung upon the refrigerator door and enjoyed as fine art. This right of passage is vital for creative development, conceptualization, visualization and exchange of ideas.”

Documenting artists in film—Scribble.08

So what do you love most about your experiences growing up—where you are from—your interests—hobbies? And how do you incorporate this essence in your work?

Lifestyle of collecting, publishing, authoring : Ray Caesar : Brendan Danielsson

The four stages of “Design Soul” was introduced as an opportunity to instigate customized lifestyle—a celebration of personal uniqueness, creative freedom and ability to seize life-changing opportunities. “Design is a process that begins with dedication and investment of time exercising your talent every day. Consider your career as a lifestyle. Each day is a process that beckons collaboration, participation and evaluation of your work. Most importantly, stay active and continually practice throughout your entire life.”

Mm Life Goal = “Archiving, writing, filming, publishing by design.”

01)—Know thy SELF
For me, it is important to consistently write out thoughts, visual ideas and goals in my sketchbook. I once heard, “A life worth life living, is worth recording.” In today’s uber-electronic age, we are pressured to record our lives like never before. Call it life caching, vanity or by-the-minute shameless promotion. Whatever the term, it has never been more important to be authentic—clarity of ideas, legacy of performance over time and the strengthening of personal relationships. Over time and with much practice your personal commitment to “Know thy SELF” fosters authentic content.

32 Published Books featuring over 700 artists

Consistent output and the ability to prove reliable are two important ingredients for creating opportunity. “Opportunity knocks” based on the quality of your output, your ability to offer timely innovation and passionate presentation of your work. IF work is not plentiful, create your own work, invent projects that exemplify your vision and offer your point of view into the community. Often, opportunity presents itself when you are present, listening to a mentor, conversation on an airplane, meeting new people at a party and consistently showing up. AND we all have to work on follow through when opportunity presents itself.

Herb & Dorothy featured at Survey Select

Have you ever heard of the movie “Herb and Dorothy?” Herb (postal worker) and Dorothy (librarian) amassed one of the largest and most significant conceptual art collections in the US on a modest income. Now into their later years, the Vogel’s collection, 4,782 pieces stored in a one-bedroom apartment in NY, recently transferred to the National Gallery in Washington, DC. There is something to learn by analyzing this seemingly ordinary couple—their process, love for the art, artists that caught their attention and “Why they chose the pieces that they did?” The essential point is to experience this notion for yourself and determine its relevance to your own life.

Survey Select creative community : Hugo Crosthwaite (bLeft) :
32 live events over 8 weeks

04)—Practice LEADERSHIP
“A life worth living, is a life worthy of sharing through documentation.” The sensationalism of facts by today’s media is an entertainment vice often void of the facts.” Your life’s work can easily rival any national media network. Through consistent practice and an authentic approach, you can be deemed the expert. Through time, you can steadily grow community. Qualitative content, your willingness to author unique experiences and the ability to inspire others are all factors to your legacy. Your positive example over a lifetime provides a precedent for others to experience, understand and build upon.

As you can see, I love public speaking. “Dezign Soul” will be expanded upon in an upcoming book written by Mark Murphy. You can expect more about creatively archiving, collecting and publishing within the world of art. Stay tuned. PS if you are interested in a engaging seminar or speaking event, feel free to email me. Thank you.

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