Trick and Treat : Works on Paper

Albert Reyes : front of drawing (L) : back of drawing (R)

Halloween evolved out of the Celtic tradition of Samhain (Old Irish for summer’s end) and the Christian observance of All Saints’ Day. Then again, it may have been derived out of our need to annihilate an entire bag of “super sized” chocolate covered candies. Of course this tradition begins well in advanced of the actual night, better known as “knock down your door for candy day.” (check this out for a food frenzy).

Gary Panter : Teen Terrors

“Yes. I know you trip-dip into that oversized bag of candy—polishing it off days before the main event—only to find yourself scrambling to buy more candy just minutes before Halloween night begins with visits from your neighborhood Disney characters, princesses and skeletons.”

Matt Furrie : Custom Zine and Comic Con Signature

And to kick off our favorite pagan holiday, I thought it was a sweet opportunity to share a few drawings from my drawing collection. Happy Halloween. Enjoy.

Mark Todd (sketch) : Esther Pearl Watson (screen print)

Keith Warren Greiman : Letterpress

Gary Taxali drawing Gary Baseman’s Toby character
(Gary Baseman then drew a portrait of Gary Taxali kissing the ass of Toby)

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