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There has never been a better time in history than to exercise your artistic vision. Lucky for all of us, there are amazing minds creating unique resources that motivate us all to stay inspired—86 artists have been showcased within the Art21 franchise showcased on PBS—Pitchfork’s genuine and insightful online music reviews—Pandora’s Music Genome Project—and on . . .(seriously, this could be a Wikipedia sized deposit of information, but let’s keep it brief).

Jónsi GO : creative minded and on tour

Check out the mentioned links, (especially “Fantasy & Contemporary Art” or “William Kentridge” on PBS), when you get a chance and give the new Jónsi GO album a listen while you ponder your independent, creative vision. For the music faithful, Jónsi Pór Brigisson is vocalist and lead guitarist for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. And since Sigur Rós is on a one-year hiatus, Jónsi picks up where the band left off with his latest LP “Go.” Other-worldly sounds, rushing percussions and symphonic soundscapes compliment a voice that is like no other. Check it out and get inspired. More soon.

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