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Hugo Crosthwaite : Fine Artist : Brooklyn/Mexico : genuine

Confidence comes from within, evolves over a lifetime and is the result of understanding who you are. And after a lifetime of creative ups and downs, I can testify that these are monumental pursuits. This is where art, design, publishing, filmmaking and writing about the fine arts come into play in a meaningful way.

Jeff Soto : Storm Clouds : Premiered at RAM Museum

The past 20 years as owner of Murphy Design—practicing design, publishing art books, exhibiting, curating, creating artwork and capturing living artists on film has challenged me to remain confident. “What’s your secret?” The confidence to do what I do is derived out of my love and respect of the arts. My personal exchange with the arts and artists have taught me the true meaning of authenticity, listening, learning through great exchanges with artists and being open to the challenges of the concept of failure.

Mark Todd : Esther Pearl Watson feature authentic subject matter

Confidence is also derived from all of you, the public who take a chance on a new book, film or exhibition. It is your participation that helps build confidence. And whether your experience or shared comments are good or bad it creates more opportunity to learn, collaborate and let go. Failure with success helps strengthen the confidence muscle and often promotes where to go next intuitively.

Black Book Sessions empowers emerging talent = confidence

Confidence is the fuel needed to wake up each day with a newfound dedication. A mantra to self-motivate, make a difference and work hard to improve upon the little things. And as these words unravel on this page, let these ramblings deliver an invitation to you: “Share your vision and grow your creative confidence.”

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