Linoleum Block Holiday

“Friends” Carving II

Friends. The key to enjoying the holidays. And with this theme, a second and third carving on the linoleum block shared on 12_14_10. These are steps towards preparing for my first solo show at Subtext in San Diego entitled “Plug Me.”

Friends” Carving III

“Plug Me” takes an imaginative look at how political and corporate leaders continually spew at the mouth. The other worldly characters hope to minimize the damage, looking for answers and searching out micro resolutions that might bung up the flow. Or, maybe this is a polite call to action for those who spew at the mouth too often. “Plug Me” takes place April 15, 2011 and will feature: drawings, watercolors, sculptures, linoleum block prints, zines and paintings.

“Friends” Carving I

The linoleum block print experiment continues. Speedball is adequate, but this kid is looking for higher quality, so the hunt is on. Feel free to let me know what online supplier or supplies you love to use. I feel like it is back to school and learning more and more. Thank you, happy holidays and more soon. Enjoy.

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