Murphy Linoleum Block Prints

Tis the season and like you have been running around cultivating work opportunities, shopping, traveling and creating. So what’s new? I have been experimenting on a new medium, which has been humbling and instantaneously rewarding.

A non-rehearsed, tuition by error, crash course in print making—buy supplies and figure it out or at least is the current process. So check them out, and if you order a book at I will submit a free test print, signed and dated to say Merry Holiday and Good Fortunes for a new year.

The final results will be captured in a limited edition, hand printed zine, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2," on antique papers, old drawings, sketches and paintings. Entitled, “Plug ME,” this 24 page zine, edition of 25 will be made available for the 4/15/11 exhibition of the same name at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA. Stay tuned. Oh yes, and there are block prints multiples that are available too.

If you are interested in acquiring any block prints, hit me up with an email and I’ll send more info. More soon and happy holidays!

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