Kevin Paulsen + Bergdorf Goodman

Plenty of great artist events are on tap for 2011. Bergdorf Goodman will feature artist and good pal, Kevin Paulsen on the seventh floor and street level mid February. Located at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in NY, Bergdorf Goodman is known throughout the world for elegance and superior service. Edwin Goodman worked for Herman Bergdorf in 1899 in his tailoring establishment. In 1906 Goodman purchases Bergdorf’s store, in 1928 moved to the current location and the rest is elegant history.

Kevin Paulsen is launching a new gallery, working hard for the O+ Festival of Art, Music + Wellness event planned in October, and he continues to create beautiful art. Look out for Kevin Paulsen at Bergdorf Goodman mid February, more details released soon.



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