NEW Palmistry Book Design

The new year is officially in full swing and Murphy Design is completing a new book for Kooch Daniels entitled, “The Art and Magic of Palmistry—A guide to learning to read the hand.” The book is 6” x 9” in size, 108 pages and features easy-to-learn techniques that will make you a palm reading genius in no time.

Kooch writes, “Conventional palmistry is a combination of two techniques: chirognomy, the study of the form and outer appearance of a hand; and chiromancy, the analysis of the lines and marks in the palm. This playbook provides a practical foundation of hand reading skills in relation to these two separate studies. Within its pages you’ll find essential guidelines for examining various shapes, sizes and markings in the palm. As you put this information into practice, you will be on a path proven to increase hand analysis skills.”

For me, designing books is an ode to a time that celebrated the arrangement of image, typography and the rhythm of layout. As a collector of resource material, old typography books and old world engravings I enjoy the opportunity to tip my hat to the past, detailing each page with old fonts, illustrations and flourishes.

“The Art and Magic of Palmistry—A guide to learning to read the hand” will be released soon, and it is a volume not to be missed. If you wish to learn more about Kooch Daniels, check her out here. More soon featuring a new website and integrated blog.



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