Nuts Charm by Martha Rich

Martha Rich is a great pal and artist that has no problem mixing Betty Crocker with Loretta Lynn, puberty with lingerie, or wine with words. Consistently, Martha has evolved her childhood dream and has become an artist who creates personal work out of the dense layering of paint, found materials, drawings and intimate text.

Martha recently orchestrated the very successful Illustration Conference in Pasadena last summer and has since created a new body of work entitled, “Nuts Charm and Rejection” presented by Sloan Fine Art at Culture Fix. Fortunately, I caught up with Martha, as she is working hard on her MFA:

Mm : what has your experience been like to enter back into school?
mR : It has been challenging, infuriating and wonderful.

Mm : how did you score the big studio space to do your thing?
mR : The studio comes with the MFA program and it isn't that big.

Mm : what inspires you?
mR : Living.

Mm : knowing that you love all baked goods, anything that comes out of a jello mold and underwear—what new components have you added into your latest and greatest?
mR : Chainsaws!

Mm : how was it to work on large scaled works?
mR : It is frustrating. I have not mastered it yet. Still figuring it out.

Check out Martha’s new show, “Nuts Charm and Rejection” presented by Sloan Fine Art at CultureFix. Alix Sloan shares, “We're starting off the new year launching an exciting new division of Sloan Fine Art called Sloan Fine Art Projects. Our first project is a fantastic solo exhibition, "Nut's Charm and Rejection," by Martha Rich. For a sneak peek of the show!”

If you are interested in a personal look into Martha Rich’s sketchbook paintings and drawings, pick up a copy of “Freedom Wigs” a dense and colorful collection of inspired work. Sweet.



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