Plug ME Exhibit 4_15_11

Meteors Side by Side : Lino Block Print : Color One
Over the past three months I have been preparing for my first solo show, “Plug Me,” taking place April 15 at Subtext in San Diego. The process has been fun—a get back to school mentality—learning more about linoleum, wood block and etching print techniques and putting emphasis on a cohesive body of work.

Winter Solstice Eclipse Revise : Black Ink, Watercolor : 7" x 10"

“Plug Me” is a look at the spewing of the mouth so to speak. To me, “It’s all about saying too much, not listening closely enough, neglecting to follow up the words with action.” Now apply that to leadership political and religious views, miss guided information or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Secrets Revealed : Edition size 8 : Linoleum Block Print w/spraypaint

The direction is focussed, the process organic and for now progress is all in various stages. My hope is to create a big enough pile of work that can be sifted through, looking for the best bits and offer a inspired show.

“The work often reflects a delicate balance for mutual survival and at times man’s invention inhibits nature’s call for coexistence.”

Plug ME : 36 Pg Limited Edition Zine : Sample Spread : Edt of 20

“Plug Me” will feature a collection of sculpture, painting, printing, design, words and images that invite the viewer to recognize that all living things have eyes to see and are requesting an increase in positive human interaction. Save the date—April 15, 2011—Subtext, San Diego.

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