The King's Speech Review

“The King’s Speech” is a brilliant movie. Deeply moving, funny and cinematically beautiful. Colin Firth (King George VI/Bertie and recent Golden Globe winner) and Geoffrey Rush (Lionel Logue/Australian speech therapist) were superbly directed by Tom Hooper (Elizabeth I). In fact, the entire supporting cast was exceptional—Helena Bonham Carter, Claire Bloom, Guy Pearce, Calum Gittins and all.

Bertie, soon to be King George VI of Britain prior to World War II, had stammered and stuttered throughout his life until his wife introduced him to Lionel Logue, an unconventional Australian speech therapist who was uniquely committed to his family and refreshingly humane. Lionel’s rules of engagement were unlikely and seemingly unfit for a King in the making, however Bertie put emotional reservation aside and began a lifelong friendship with practitioner turned good friend.

“The King’s Speech” is an exceptional movie and profound. You can check more about it on New Movies by MTV or check out the Trailer. Reviews. Articles. “The King’s Speech” nominated for numerous academy awards, check it.

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