Yield Two : Custom Block Printing

It has been some time since there has been an entry. Plenty going on in the world and as a result deep introspection. Japan is on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s hearts, as new events, life changing information and daily challenges for survival flicker in front of all of us state side.

Art for me is a passion that helps me through challenging times. Whether I am writing, recording, filming or publishing the importance of artistic inspiration, education and connection help me subsist in a world filled with challenge. Art is a true escape. And for the opportunity to practice art—an amazing privilege.

April 15 is fast approaching and a date that will reveal my first solo art exhibit. An installation of sorts, a whimsical commentary, a celebration, and your invitation to visit San Diego. Please save the date and join me at Subtext in San Diego where you will see drawings, paintings, custom block prints, letter press and ephemera. Preview available April 12. (PS, please email me for more info).

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