A Dream’s Repetition by Doug Tanoury

Doug Tanoury has written his third and final poem for “Lucid Dreams.” Doug is a forever dreamer who began composing poetry as a boy and thankful to share his work. Doug writes,“I am lucky to have an opportunity to practice my craft all of my adult life.” (featured above : Esther Pearl Watson, “Gas and Coke,” 18x18" mixed on canvas)

Billy Norby : Dawn : 18x18" : oil on panel

45 Featured artists and myself are preparing for what is shaping up to be another diverse and spirited art collection—I invite you to share the writings and artwork of “Lucid Dreams” with friends. Thank you, and save the date (FB) for a look at the show in person July 8 through August 9.

Jonathan Viner : Hairpin : 18x18" : oil on panel

Thank you Doug Tanoury for sharing your dream. Stay tuned, as Doug will also be writing an essay regarding poetry and dreams soon. “Lucid Dreams” is the second exhibition investigating deep narrative in fine art. For more information please join the Museum of Narrative Arts on FB. (PR) (Artists)

A Dream’s Repetition

I return again and again
To a dream’s repetition,
Repeated nightly
Where I find myself at
La Plaza de Toros en Mérida
On New Year’s Day.

The band is playing a merry tune,
And I am sitting with a large crowd
In the sombre seats
Enjoying the cooling shade
On a brightly burning afternoon
That is a dreamer’s respite.

In the ring a matador
Opens his traje de luces,
Unbuttons his vest
To expose his torso to
A white bull lowering
Its head and raking its hooves.

It charges like a
Massive avalanche of snow,
A mountain top speeding forward
To meet the sunset of a
Crimson cape and
Then I awake.

Doug Tanoury—June 25, 2011

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