Small Dreams by Doug Tanoury

“Lucid Dreams” fine art exhibit is fast approaching, July 8—August 9, and features the imaginative talent of 45 fine artists and Doug Tanoury who has created another great poetry entry, “Small Dreams.”

For me, collaborating with artists is an amazing dream.
Curating any exhibit is more than a casual display—it’s a heart-felt affair—friend filled and brings a community of artists together who strive for excellence because of each other. The process is “lucid” as the exchange between each artist is open, form finding and mind-shifting.

Small Dreams

In dreams

Lit in barroom light

Like a dim lounge

Of a neon-blue nebula,

Where everything

Is shadow and silhouette

And nothing is seen

In full illumination.

I dream of her

Sitting lotus style in a large hall,

And she wears sheer white

Flowing fabric

That floats slowly

On the air

Like feathers

As she moves.

She is bird-like

In the smallness

Of fragile frailness,

As she sits

Alone upon the floor

Looking up at me.

She is a sparrow

Fallen from a nest.

The anger that was

Between us,

Suddenly never was.

We feel only love and loss,

And are touched

With soft forgiveness,

The confused vulnerability

Of dreamers.

And as I bend over

To embrace her

She is a nestling

Once again, wedged

In that small space

Supported by

The branching arteries

Of my heart.

Doug Tanoury 6-18-11

Featured images: Wash Me Clean by Rai Escalé (15.35x15.74" : acrylic on collage mounted on wood) and “Rising Above Resistance” by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri (18x8.5" : oil on wood shaped board).

Lucid Dreams opens July 7 at the Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery with special events for Comic-Con on July 22, Film Premier on July 27 and Contemporary Narrative Panel on Friday August 5. Check back for more details.

Please RSVPsign up—and check out the featured artists who have inspired “Lucid Dreams.”

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