Doug Tanoury’s Lucid Dreams Poetry

Doug Tanoury poetry will accompany the “Lucid Dreams” exhibition taking place at the Noel-Baza fine art gallery in San Diego July 8—August 9. Originally, I discovered Doug’s inspirational prose at “Scene 360,” an online film and arts magazine on March 14 of this year. The entry was fluid and Doug’s poetic verse was accompanied by the artistry of Kent Williams and James Jean, promoting closer exploration.

(Above: Marc Burckhardt, “Kindred,” 10.5x12.5,” acrylic & oil on wood panel.“We carry with us our experience, and read our dreams—and the images we encounter—through that filter).

Doug Tanoury will be creating a series of original poems for “Lucid Dreams” and made available through the end of the exhibition. Doug’s poetry is soulful and a continuation of his work established in Detroit during the seventh-grade.

A Dreamer’s Journey

I search for her in my dreams
Wearing the bowl shaped helmet of Hermes,
Covered in dark blue velvet,
With white feathered wings
Protruding from its sides.

For somewhere along a dreamer’s journey
We were separated and I lost her.
Frantically l look for her and
Fly on the night air, weightless
And light as a baroque concerto.

The mercurial and malleable nature of love
Confounds and confuses me, for it is
Like the phantasmal spirit of God,
It flickers in and out of existence,
Present one moment, absent another.

I stop searching for a moment
Befuddled under a dark lapis sky
That holds strange constellations,
And as I stand alone in an exotic
Dreamscape half-conscious

Of being here before with her,
An allusive memory that runs,
Escapes and scatters
Like beads of quicksilver
That slip through grasping fingers.

In the weird tautology that is
A dreamer’s agenda, I forget all purpose,
My sense of mission muddled, and
Thoughts of her are lost once more in
The sleepy eclecticism of a summer night.

Doug Tanoury
June 11, 2011

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