Marco Zamora’s New Work Exhibit

POVevolving Gallery features a on person exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Marco Zamora on Saturday, June 11 from 6PM to 10PM.

Marco Zamora continually evolves work that reflects the environment he lives in. He closely observes the human condition, over consumed passers by and the saturation of graphics embedded in the urban landscape. Marco is a dedicated artist who tirelessly works delivering a new assemblage featuring: video, sculptural installation and mixed media pieces on wood and paper.

Marco has been featured in Murphy projects in the past including: Miami Art Basel (2008), Survey Select (2010) and will be featured in this year’s “Lucid Dreams” taking place in July. I think a lot of Marco’s work and wanted to share a couple of quick questions he was kind enough to answer in preparation for his new exhibition, “New Work.”

mM : Your images often relay a somber, yet respectful look at your subjects. Do you know many of your subjects personally, or do they inhabit the environment in which you live? How do they affect you personally?

MZ : No I don't know many of my subjects. I choose to anonymously photograph people and from this I get people in a natural state doing what they do. That is hard to answer. It makes me think a lot about how I live. What I paint happens out of observation and taking a close look at the simple and complex things out in the open. I guess I can say these observations make me appreciate life and think about the excessiveness of how most of us live today.

mM : We live in challenging times. Do you feel your work offers a glimpse of hope or do you see our condition weakening?

MZ : Yes we do. I am not trying to offer either.

Marco’s press release goes on to say, "...these are paintings about present time. They are not only about an unspecified place, but they depict what is happening now. I feel like we are in a transient state which we have always been in and will be. Our culture is one of always needing more, always moving, and always working. It is our nature. Lately, I have been painting the homeless and people of the street because it is real. It reflects the NOW. These images are real experiences that I am recording and re-orchestrating as paintings. The actions of the American... the human condition in the place I inhabit at the moment..."

Kind thanks to Marco Zamora for taking time out inbetween limited edition print making featured at the gallery this weekend. Visit the POVevolving gallery and check out Marco Zamora’s latest collection, “New Work” June 11—July 9, 2011. Keep up the great works.

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