Lucid Dreams PR (7/8—8/9/2011)

Announcing “Lucid Dreams” fine art exhibition at the Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery in San Diego July 8 through August 9 featuring 45 internationally renowned artists.

“Lucid Dreams” is the 26th artist survey and fine art exhibit curated by San Diego based designer Mark Murphy of Murphy Design. “Lucid Dreams” follows up last year’s Narrative Museum exhibition, “Survey Select,” featuring 32 live events over eight weeks.
(Tim Hussey featured above).

Continuing the tradition of the Fine Art Salon, each artist has been invited to share their interpretation of lucid dreams while showcasing their creativity, technique and style. The exhibit’s title, “Lucid Dreams,” is an opportune moment for each artist to express a fluid stream of visual metaphors, abstract symbols and expressions influenced and/or void of the bombardment of worldly events. (Marco Zamora featured above).

“Lucid Dreams” is an eclectic mix of fine artists who freely express their creative vision within the art worlds of comic, graphic, street, high and outsider movements. Featured artists include: AlexOne (France), Marc Bell (Candada), Tim Biskup (Pasadena, CA), Marc Burckhardt (Austin, TX), Victor Castillo (Spain), Jorge Catoni (Chile), Hugo Crosthwaite (Mexico), Mathieu Desjardins (Denmark), Rai Escalé (Spain), Jim Houser (California), Marianela de la Hoz (California), Tim Hussey (Charleston, SC), Tasha Kusama (California), Ludovic Boulard Le Fur/Loubard (France), Joel Nakamura (Santa Fe, NM), Irene Hardwicke Olivieri (Oregon), Kevin Paulsen (Kingston, NY), Artemio Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA), Bonnie M. Smith (Kingston, NY), Souther Salazar (California), Jeff Soto (Riverside, CA), Gary Taxali (Canada), Mark Todd (Pasadena, CA), Aaron Della Vedova (San Diego, CA), Jonathan Viner (Brooklyn, NY), Marco Wagner (Germany), Esther Pearl Watson (California), Megan Whitmarsh (California), Nicholas Wilton (California), Marco Zamora (Los Angeles, CA) and more . . .

(Pictured above, Philip Guston studied with Jackson Pollock in Riverside, California and later attended Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. In 1931, Thomas Craven described Philip along with contemporaries of the time, “Actually these pictures are no more than visual evidence of the strange practices of freak artists who distort and mutilate the facts of life in order to make fitting patterns for their little nightmares.” A fitting commentary as disillusion will be amended July 8, 2011).

“Lucid Dreams” chronicles the artistic vision of forty-five daring, austere, raw and inventive artists from around the world at the Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery, July 8 through August 9, 2011. Please contact the gallery for acquisition information and refer to a complete schedule including hours, special events, and public openings. Noel-Baza is available for private showings—schools, collector groups and associations by contacting the gallery. No admission, unless posted.

“The story talks louder than the paint.” Francis Bacon, 1959 (Featured above, Francis Bacon created many paintings in homage to his favorite predecessor Vincent van Gogh. Francis was quoted as “loving the violence in the grass.” Francis Bacon is a major influence on many of the featured artists).

+++Opening Dates/Events

“Lucid Dreams” opens Friday, July 8 (6PM-11PM) with a second Comic-Con opening on Friday, July 22 (6PM-11PM). Special events will include the film premier “Running by Sight” featuring fine artist Tim Hussey on Wednesday, July 27 (7PM-9PM) and a “Contemporary Narrative” artist panel featuring 5 artists from the exhibition on Friday August 5 (7PM-10PM). (Mark Todd featured above).

“Lucid Dreams” curated by Mark Murphy at Noel-Baza Fine Art, July 08-August 09, 2011 and located at 2165 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Please contact Tom Noel and Larry Baza 619-876-4160 for additional exhibit information or email me for additional press information. Thank you for your advanced support of the arts. (Gary Taxali featured above).

+++Additional Showcase

Doug Tanoury, poetry : MANUOK/Scott Mercado, music : Tim Mantoani, photography : Ninthlink, outreach : Jarritos Mexican Soda : Glaceau Vitamin Water (Rai Escalé featured above).

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