Lucid Dreams Featured Art 07/08—08/09

Jonathan Viner
Oil on panel : 18x18” : 2011

“Lucid Dreams” curated by Mark Murphy, features 32 world-class fine artists from around the world. Now on exhibition in San Diego, CA, “Lucid Dreams” features 60 unique paintings, assemblages, sculptures and one-of-a-kind opportunities to add to your personal art collection.

“Lucid Dreams” is on exhibition now through August 9, 2011. Additional photography available upon request. Thank you for taking a closer look.

Marc Bell
We Are Not Connected To Snyder of Berlin
14x11x3/8" : Mixed media on board, 2011

Rorro Berjano
Elewa Oddara
30x30cms : Mixed media, 2011

Tim Biskup
Color Hole
Cel-Vinyl Acrylic on Masonite, 2011 : 11x14”

Ludovic Boulard Le Fur / Loubard
self portrait
45/45/15cm : acrylic on wood cut and assembled sculpture, 2011

Marc Burckhardt
Acrylic & oil on wood panel : 12.5" x 10.5" image : 16" x 18" with frame, 2011

Victor Castillo
I am ready
Graphite on paper : 14x14 inch (18 x 18 inch with frame), 2011

Jorge Catoni
18x18” : 2011 : • SOLD

Mathieu Desjardins
Mixed Media
18x18” : 2011 : • SOLD

Rai Escalé
Wash Me Clean
15.35x15.74" : acrylic on collage mounted on wood, 2011

Jim Houser
Acrylic on Canvas : May, 2011-07-06

Tim Hussey
Adrift 3
graphite powder, acrylic, oil pastel, Galkyd on wood panel : 18x18" : 2011

Tasha Kusama
mixed media on panel, 16x20” : 2011

Daniel Munóz “SAN”
13x14.5" : graphite on paper, 2010

Out of Sight Out of Mind
36x36" : mixed media on wood panel

Joel Nakamura
Dreamy Octo
18x18" : 2011 : mixed media on metal panel

Billy Norby
Oil on panel, 2011

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri
Rising Above Resistance
18" x 8.5" : Oil on Wood, Shaped board, 2011

Kevin Paulsen
Spoor of Man w/ Fireflies No. 1
18x18" : Pigment atop plaster on Velour mounted on panel, 2011

Kevin Paulsen
Spoor of Man w/ Fireflies No. 2
18x18" : Pigment atop plaster on Velour mounted on panel, 2011

Souther Salazar
"half asleep"
Acrylic, Ink & Collage on wood panel : 18" x 18" x 2 3/4" : 2011

Bonnie Marie Smith
"Heaven and Earth"
earthenware, porcelain, glazes, paints, gold leaf, found objects, 2011
27 pieces total : available as one collection

Matt Stallings
ICEE Storm
Acrylic on Wood : 16x16” : 2011 • SOLD

Tasha Rae Tatro
Hand-forged, sterling silver, antique time piece : 2011

Mark Todd
Cel Vinyl on Wood Panel : 18x18” : 2011

Marco Wagner
Heimat gerne
Mixed media on paper : 33x35cm, 2011

Esther Pearl Watson
Gas and Coke
Acrylic, Foil on Canvas : 18x18" : 2011

Megan Whitmarsh
embroidery on fabric : 6"x6" : 2011

Marco Zamora
Building Blocks
ink and gouache on wood panel : 18x18 : • SOLD

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