Lucid Dreams Now OPEN

“Lucid Dreams” opened Friday night welcoming close to 500 art patrons who toured the San Diego fine art gallery taking in 32-featured artists. Steady flows of people filtered in and out of the gallery throughout the night, discussing the work and appreciative of the craft and high level of work presented.

A dark blue wall illuminated Irene Hardwicke Olivieri’s “Rising Above Resistance” and Bonnie Marie Smith’s “Heaven and Earth,” comprised of 27 individual earthenware and porcelain sculptures provided heart-felt perspective and a warm welcome to the exhibition’s eclectic diversity. (Pictured above).

Details featuring
Bonnie Marie Smith, Mark Todd, Tasha Kusama

“Eclectic” is an endearing term for the Narrative Art collection of artisans united under one common theme “Lucid Dreams.” A multifaceted collection of talent representing Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States—east/west and everything in between.

Souther Salazar : Half Asleep + Tim Hussey : Set Adrift 3

Artists were united between narrative genres including sculpture, comics, high and outsider art and in compliment of Romanticism (Rai Escalé), Abstract, Expressionism (Tim Hussey), POP (Mark Todd), Non-Objective Painting (Loubard), Street (Marco Zamora) and Folk Tradition (Kevin Paulsen, Esther Pearl Watson) art movements. “Eclectic” is the assortment of 60 original works created by 32 luminaries who invite question, introspection and the opportunity to dream within each piece.

Marc Burckhardt : Kindred +
Kevin Paulsen : Spoor of Man with Fireflies No. 2

“Lucid Dreams” is all about the community united in the name of art (32 featured artists), threaded together by poetry (Doug Tanoury), held together by the gallery (San Diego) and the curatorial push by Mark Murphy. On Friday, invitation was answered and “true” community united, as hundreds of onlookers moved about with much to say, sharing in a positive experience, a wave of energy much like a visit to the ocean.

Ludovic Boulard Le Fur / Loubard : Self Portrait + explanation map

The buzz is out. And many people to be thanked—my Parents, who traveled in from Cleveland, great friends—John Purlia for writing an exceptional review, my assistants—Jillian Seaman who single handedly brought in last year’s “Survey Select” and Madison Blades—who reached out to the community with style, Florabella for ALWAYS rocking the floral in the most beautiful of ways, KANON Organic Vodka for delivering the best I have ever personally tasted, Doug Tanoury for writing original poetic prose, SD CITYBEAT and KPBS for their universal support, ALL 32 artists for their unwavering support, dedication and inspirational voice and YOU—the kind folks who travel, thank and share their experiences with family and friends.

Rai Escalé : Wash Me Clean + Jonathan Viner : Hairpin

Friday, July 8 was one year and one day after the premier of last year’s “Survey Select” and provided the next chapter in furthering the dream for the Museum of Narrative Arts. Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery is the location for “Lucid Dreams,” featuring four more events and daily hours, now through August 9, 2011. Please share your dreams and join in “Lucid Dreams.”

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