Creative Urges designed for Guru Tattoo

For the past month I have been dedicating much of my time to the good people at Guru Tattoo dreaming up layouts for their first book, “Creative Urges.” Guru Tattoo is the creative vision of Aaron Della Vedova who pays tribute to Walter J Hoehn for making his impossible dreams a passionate reality.

Working with Guru Tattoo has been a great design project, Aaron has allowed a free exchange to make the flow of the book and the tattoo archives flow. And besides, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the art of tattoos and really respect these guys. It’s familiar territory, as a collector of fine art, there’s an easy association for people’s desire to collect unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. As Greg “Craola” Simkins points out in his introduction about Guru, “I still have some space left and a good place to hang out and get tattooed.”

We are dialing in “Creative Urges,” an edge to edge showcase of full body tattoos like no other. Eleven artists will showcase their creative blend of fine art, drawing and unique tattoo style. Trust me, these guys are characters, full of passion and love for what they do. So stay tuned as “Creative Urges” will be an inspired book cover to cover featuring some of the best tattoo luminaries Southern Cali has to offer.

Check out the good works of Aaron Della Vedova, Paul Dhuey, Adam Hathorn, Cooper, Nate Banuelos, Rory Keating, Kevin Dickinson, Nick Alvarez, Eno, Kyle Walker, Champion, Ron and Peeps at Guru Tattoo in Pacific Beach, their studio is a full on art exhibition. The book also features an original drawing and lively introduction penned by Greg “Craola” Simkins. Can’t wait to share this kick ass assembly with you all soon.

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