Jarritos Flavor City Goodness

Yes, it’s true, after this weekend our summer days have moved directly into fall. But alas, there is a sweet pop to jump your bump and pep your step in the flavor that will brighten your day. Jarritos my friends! The Jarriotos Flavor City Art Contest is in its final 24 for your creative arts submissions. Of course you can jam your ideas through their mailslot, by entering to win no later than September 1 at 11:59PM. The contest entries can be seen over on FB and the winners will be announced at “First Fridays” in Abbott Kinney Venice Beach, Cali land. (There are some handsome entries, check em out!) Oh yes, and myself, Jeff Soto and some creative peoples from Southern Cali will be judging your goodness. Good lucks! Enjoy your holiday.

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