Ryan Bubnis Delivers “Right Now...”

Northern California based Ryan Bubnis has a new show, “This Time, Right Now, Is Our Time” opening at Grass Hut Art Market in Portland tonight. Ryan Bubnis has been featured in multiple Murphy exhibitions and we are excited to share a few pieces of Ryan’s new work, which is migrating into an organic assemblage of natural shapes and symbols that includes earthier colors and themes.

Ryan describes, “This show is all about getting yours. Going big, grinding that rail, swimming across the lake, making things, leaving a mark, jumping off the highest rock at the swimming hole, hitting steel, listening to your favorite song over and over, popping bottles and ordering the lobster. THIS TIME, RIGHT NOW, IS OUR TIME!”

“This Time, Right Now, Is Our Time,” might be a parallel to Van Halen Hagar singing their 1992 hit, “Right Now,” but the exhibition’s theme is timely and complimentary to so many good people working together and making things happen in a moment’s notice even when the chips are down.

Ryan Bubnis delivers a new body of work in a passionate direction that articulates a brave call to make it happen, “Right Now!,” on display at Grass Hut Art Market.

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