Art Commission by Martha Rich on CNN

Next Sunday, 9/11/11 marks the ten year anniversary of a sobering event symbolic of courage, fortitude, strength and forward steps to begin anew. To commemorate this event creatively, CNN commissioned Martha Rich to create a unique work to help illustrate the incredible changes we’ve seen over the past ten years in a creative project entitled, “9/11 Ripple.”

Philadelphia based fine artist Martha Rich is no stranger to new beginnings. Some time ago Martha, while living in Atlanta, experienced major life changing events that pushed her west, where she met the Clayton Brothers who invited her to take their art class. Martha Rich began revisiting her love of the arts and relived her childhood dream to become an artist and she went on to earn her undergraduate degree at Art Center in Pasadena.

Almost ten years later, Martha moved back to her hometown of Philadelphia and most recently received her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at the University of Pennsylvania. Martha’s story is a wonderful symbol of fortitude, forging ahead to gain new ground in a world that deserves a positive outlook and inspirational voice.

Martha Rich’s contribution to “9/11 Ripple” commissioned by CNN, is “Untitled,” fitting for an event that deserves private reflection. True to form, Martha combined bright colors with collaged faces exchanging terminology that expresses good and bad truths overheard in the bustle of city life.

Congratulations to Martha Rich, her colorful assemblages and narrative paintings are celebrated in two Murphy Design projects, “Freedom Wigs” her first book and “Scribble.08” a documentary film featuring the inspired effects of chasing your artistic dreams. Thank you for your inspirational point of view.

A great perspective that beckons the question, “What would you do to create a ripple of change?”

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