Twenty Years of Design and Counting

Back in 1986, I told a fib about my age to a marketing firm that specialized in outdoor advertising for lawn tractors and mowers. Of course, I found myself chained to a drawing board assisting a too cool for school design team with illustrations and camera ready art work wet with chemicals from the dark room. It was a real portfolio burner, nothing to show at the end of my tenure, however it evolved my technical skills and taught me to hunger for something more.

In 1991, I launched Murphy Design with the notion of collaborating with clients who love a careful eye for detail. Thankfully, many great clients shared in this passion: Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Green Day (Logan Hicks), French Paper Co., Appleton, American Express, Hanna-Barbera, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Laguna Museum of Art and inspired fine artists—the Clayton Brothers, Jeff Soto, Ray Caesar, Tim Mantoani and so many more.

Twenty years later, I feel like—“I’m just getting started.” Over the next few months you will see design and branding projects evolve for Guru Tattoo,, Harmony Yoga, Clint Eastwood, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Tim Mantoani Photography and Baby Tattoo Books.

Also, I am working on a digital book of sorts to celebrate Twenty Years as a designer and owner of Murphy Design. A book that will highlight over 32 books and life defining collaborations with over 1000 artists from around the world. Stay tuned and know that I am always looking for folks who share the love for details.

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