Think Different—Muir Vidler—Delivers

London based, Muir Vidler has been attracting plenty of world attention to his photographic works documenting worlds less traveled. Israeli Death Metal, Libyan Beauty Pageant, Istanbul and Rebles Without a Pause are all mini documentaries that capture life’s essence in the darkest corners and hard to access people who live out against preconceived notions.

Needless to say, Muir Vidler celebrates the notion of “Think Different” celebrating Apple’s reintroduction in 1997. To celebrate the legacy of Mr. Steve Jobs, a new ad was created for the Mindy Solomon Gallery for Art In America magazine. And of course, the work was created on a Mac. “It’s as easy as point and click, right?” “mmM, Not really.” Whether the click of a mouse designing, or investigating culture through the camera lens, the tools of the trade continually introduce new principles that often need to be broken and realigned to present passionate endeavor.

Muir Vidler is one of those artists that continually bends socio and political boundaries that require close introspection. Learn more about Muir Vidler here or experience his work up close. Look out for Muir Vidler in the November issue of Art in America (Ad featured up top) or head over to the Mindy Solomon Gallery and take a close look at Muir Vidler’s work in the group show, “Contradictions,” now on exhibit through November 5, 2011.

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