Low Roar New Music Review

Music and art for me go hand in hand. Afterall, “It’s the sound that moves you!” “Right...?” The year sounds off with a surprising musical find Low Roar, the musical mastermind of San Francisco to Reykjavic transplant, Ryan Karazija. Check out the review:

“Down tempo music interlaced with meaningful acoustic song writing. Low Roar's debut consistently builds over 12 tracks delivered by Tonequake Records. Ryan Karazija, front man and musical brainstorm, may have sat through the dark winter of Reykjavic, Iceland with deep introspection. The results can be felt over the course of the record and especially on Track No. 2--Just a Habit and Track No. 12--Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. Electronic effects are added when needed and the musical voice is delivered with unique clarity, perfect for creative thinking, painting and simply chilling out. Ryan Joseph Karazija delivers a signature voice that captures the moodiness of personal longing as compared to the musical efforts of Nick Drake, Low and Elliott Smith. Low Roar rating 4 1/2 Stars with great musical flavor if you are in the mood for discovering something new.”

Check out Low Roar on Tonequake Records. Melodic goodness. Just a Habit free download. Additional Review.

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