Guru Tattoo Photo Day w/ Tim Mantoani

Pacific Beach based Guru Tattoo is generating art of all kinds for their first book, “Creative Urges,” to be release later this year. Leader of the band and ink on skin aficionado, Aaron Della Vedova reveals, “Guru’s essential ingredient is the flavor derived from eleven artists working together as one formidable art collective.”

Having recharged their creative batteries while on holiday break, Guru was a buzz today with tattoo guns inking inspired art work of the permanent type. The energy within the shop was/is super positive and features a diverse group of creative talent working hard for their clients. Tim Mantoani and I spent the afternoon photographing the studio and capturing the special details that will bring “Creative Instincts” to life. The photographs reveal the multi-dimensional persona of Guru Tattoo and assist me with the visual narrative with the turn of each page. (Above: Body Sleeve art details, in the office of Adam Hathorn).

Tim Mantoani is one of those photographers that understands the importance of instantly connecting with his subjects. A great attribute when you have 150 minutes to shoot up the place. Tim moved the camera around, looking for the most sacred spaces that provide daily inspiration for the guys at Guru. I think we scratched the surface and were successful capturing great portraits and details that will most certainly elevate the book and provide fans of “all things creative” an intimate look into an award-winning tattoo shop like no other. (Pictured above: Ron, Kyle Walker sanctuary and Paul Dhuey at work).

And as Jean Dubuffet penned, “For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.” There is wall to wall creativity and I can’t wait to reveal the tattooed pages of “Creative Urges,” not to mention the artistry of Aaron Della Vedova, Paul Dhuey, Adam Hathorn, Cooper (pictured above 1), Nate Banuelos, Rory Keating, Kevin Dickinson, Nick Alvarez, Eno (pictured above 2 and art work wall below), Kyle Walker, Champion, Ron and Peeps.

Stay tuned for more details about the 2012 release of “Creative Urges” featuring the artistry of Guru Tattoo with a lively intro penned by Greg “Craola” Simkins and the vivid photography of Tim Mantoani and Peeps—as well as all of the guys and their digital arsenal. I promise over 172 pages of wall to wall photos, illustrations, tattoos, paintings and visual meanderings that capture the essence of Guru Tattoo goodness. (Feel like reading more? Article Two, Article One).

(Above: Craola opening original, Champion working hard). All photography by Tim Mantoani photography. And with kind thanks extended, no job is possible without the imaginative talent of great friends helping you along.

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