What’s up Twenty—Twelve?

One week down and 51.177457 weeks of action packed design goodness to go featuring: Clint Eastwood, Cartoon Network, Guru Tattoo, Martin Wittfooth, Kevin Paulsen, gallery promotions for 101/Exhibit plus the Mindy Solomon Gallery and a full length fine art documentary film.
Anyone who knows me, recognizes my commitment to design and love for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to collaborate with the fine arts community. The Scribble 08 blog is an active resource for artist interviews, exhibition reviews, new music and a great resource for Murphy Design portfolio pieces. (Guru Tattoo on location details).
As fate would have it, one of the first people I met when moving to California began with Clint Eastwood. Your can imagine my excitement when Lisa Fitzpatrick, project director and catalyst, called and invited me into the Malpaso Productions world of Clint Eastwood? Over 50,000 words will fill the pages of “Clint Eastwood, Master Filmmaker at Work” with an introduction by Steven Spielberg, preface by Morgan Freeman, authored by Michael Goldman, edited/created by Lisa Fitzpatrick of Swan Studio and Robert Hoffman of Technicolor and published by Abrams, New York. (Flags of Our Fathers Storyboards, Clint Eastwood, courtesy of Jack Taylor).
Guru Tattoo features eleven creative professionals that make a forever lasting impression with inspired draftsmanship and dynamic ink for your “bod.” Guru founder, Aaron Della Vedova, is mixing up the flavor for the shop’s first book, “Creative Urges” featuring edge-to-edge reproductions of some of Southern California’s finest tattoos. (Tim Mantoani photographing Aaron at Guru Tattoo).
Over the past ten years I have been operating a booth at the world-famous Comic-Con in San Diego. An honor, as the exhibit halls are filled with wall-to-wall inspiration and good pals. Fortuitously, I have made friends with the kind folks at Cartoon Network over the years and a creative collaborative project has emerged to celebrate their twentieth-anniversary celebration in book form. The Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Book will be one part celebration of their commitment to deliver an entertaining array of entertainment, one part celebration of the men and women who bring hundreds of characters to life, one part artist interpretations of their characters, one part extravaganza to be announced prior to Comic-Con 2012.
2012 will feature active promotion of important contemporary artists through Murphy Book Publishing, documentary filmmaking, active reporting, art collecting and archiving. The long awaited film and longer filmmaking process continues with the delivery of a new feature length documentary film that features: James Jean, Souther Salazar, Martin Wittfooth, Matt Furie, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Megan Whitmarsh, Kelsey Brookes, Victor Castillo and more.
New books are in the works for Martin Wittfooth and Kevin Paulsen (pictured above), two contemporaries living and practicing in New York. (Clint Eastwood sets for Mystic River and matte painting for Unforgiven courtesy of Jack Taylor).
And yes there is more. Collaborative projects and creative exchanges with gallery owners, support at art fairs and Art Basel in Miami in support of 101/exhibit and Mindy Solomon Gallery. New websites in the works for yourBuddhi—Yoga for life, Murphy Design (really? It’s been way too long), and goodChatter.com promoting all things good.
Thank you for taking a glimpse of a few of the projects happening this year. My sleeves are rolled up and I’m ready to deliver on an inspired year. If you are interested in more information or would like to collaborate, email me and “magic” will happen, or at least that’s what Christian Clayton has coined—“Magic Murphy.” The new year is turned on and looking forward. More soon. (yourBuddhi.com website design, empowering the non-bill payers of yoga. Beware of yourBuddhi.com of La Jolla, CA and Harmony Yoga of Redondo Beach, CA).

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