101 Exhibit presents Three Exhibitions

101/exhibit in Miami delivers a three person exhibition featuring collage, painting and sculptural pieces Saturday, March 10 through April 12, 2012. Narrative art forms created by Chambliss Giobbi, David Michael Bowers and Christopher Carter dignify high-quality aesthetic with masterful works deeply rooted in the art of storytelling.

Chambliss Giobbi -- Not So Still, (Life)
Giobbi’s work is deeply psychological: portraits at once linear and composed, then abrupt and splintered. One is left with the notion of witnessing a concentrated, virtually operatic compression of moments, catharsis and myth.

David Michael Bowers -- The Human Condition
Upon first glance Bowers' work takes you back to traditional painting. Deeply symbolic, David’s paintings reveal masterfully rendered clues that vivify central themes and societal messages.

Christopher Carter -- Work
Looking for relationships between reclaimed woods, rope and found objects sculptor Chris Carter assembles forms influenced by cultural dynamics. Each sculpture is a tomb of the modern urban landscape and looks to capture history.

For additional information, please contact 101/exhibit.

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