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Driving amongst a rush hour that never stopped, 5 friends jammed out over five Los Angeles recording sessions. Spirited filmmaking sessions exchanged with the Clayton Brothers, Tim Biskup, Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Kevin Christy and Martha Rich in one cohesive art documentary entitled Scribble.08.

Scribble.08 captured the essence of what was fast emerging in the art world in 2003 as the convergence all different disciplines were becoming one—comics, illustration, animation, printing, collage, street, and on. . . The spirit of this film continues, as a new full-length documentary featuring new artists is now in production. Fine artists: Souther Salazar, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, James Jean, Matt Furie and more have been actively recorded, as seen in the James Jean video below. Please keep in mind this is raw, unedited and will evolve as the film’s story is realized later this year.

The raw footage is captivating and allows the viewer into a private space, where artist openly shares points of view, that delivers a unique and authentic voice. Driving this concept of authenticity and uniqueness, I shared this vision with the attendees of this year’s Y Conference in San Diego sponsored by the local AIGA chapter (American Institute of Graphic Artists).

Inspirational points of view were exchanged through the process of personal mapping—a sketch to best articulate an important driver, “Who are you, and what do you bring to the table that is unique, fresh and original?” Furthering the discussion, the following 4 points were illustrated, exchanging stories and real life experiences in the industry to illustrate the following four important points: 1) Know Thyself; 2) Create Opportunity; 3) Expand Understanding; and 4) Practice Leadership.

The attached film will take you through today’s discussion, while the spreads extracted from the program “mini zine” was offered to the attendees, so that they could walk through each point, step by step and exercise their unique voice. Robert Craighead, TenStories, was on hand to offer technical antidotes and answered tons of questions from the audience, hungry to cultivate their own unique experiences.

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