Nature Calls 4_27—5_25

Wow this year is flying with a turbo cape. Too much work and not enough time tapping the keys with editorial goodness. Good Friend and inspired artist, Bwana Spoons made a call out to the wild and is traveling to San Diego to premier his curated group show, Nature Calls at Subtext.

Nature Calls Curated by Bwana Spoons of Grass Hut
April 27th – May 25th, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, April 27th, 6-10pm
This Spring, we’re bringing a little Portland to San Diego. Imagine a club house (or hut) made of beards, fluorescent paint, driftwood, plastic toys, beat up skateboards, swimming suits, colorful string and bottle caps. That’s Grass Hut! Now imagine a show curated by their founder, Bwana Spoons. That’s Nature Calls! Featured artists include Chris Reed, Ansis Purins, Jill Bliss, Mark Murphy, Alex Chiu, Martin Ontiveros, Jason Vivona, Snaggs, Skinner, Michelle Valigura, Amanda Visell, Ryan Berkley, Justin Scrappers Morrison, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Arbito, Tripper Dungan, Josh

Sweet thanks for the invite Mr. Spoons, jump in the game and check it out. Sweet.

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