Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Cartoon Network has teamed up with curator and art promoter Mark Murphy to celebrate 20 years of innovative programming at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Murphy is collaborating with 75 fine artists, animators and illustrators who have been paired up with Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, Ben 10 Alien Force, Billy & Mandy, Dexter’s Laboratory, the Power Puff Girls, Gumball and more. (Above, Gordon Wiebe, Jeremyville, Calef Brown).

All 75 artists will be showcased in a free promotional zine provided at the Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition celebration at an offsite location, to be announced soon. In addition, there will be a second exhibition in Atlanta this Fall. A special 20th Anniversary Cartoon Network Exhibition Book will accompany the celebration and all guest artists featured. Look out for Murphy Design at Booth 4833 at Comic-Con San Diego July 12—15, 2012. (Above, Cartoon Network Art Department, Chris Mostyn).

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