Roman Klonek and Cartoon Network’s Exhibition

Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary celebration is in full effect with a new art exhibition to premier at Comic-Con in San Diego, July 12—15.

Over 75 artists from around the world have been paired up with a Cartoon Network show or character and kindly asked to form a creative opinion, while delivering an original for exhibition.

Kattowitz, Poland native Roman Klonek delivers an original woodcut design for the cartoon, Foster’s Home forImaginary Friends. Perfect, as Roman loves to create whimsical creatures, half animal—half human and might be described as a modern mythology that mixes folk, pop and propaganda. Roman’s inspired piece is titled, “Bad News From the Stars” and his preliminary, rough concept developments created in his studio are shown above. Roman Klonek is creating an original woodblock piece in compliment to the doku style of printing. Check out more of Roman Klonek’s work here.

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