Cartoon Network Originals in Progress

Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary premieres at this year’s Comic-Con held in San Diego, July 12—15. A new mini magazine is in progress, design will feature studios, drawings and doodles by 75 world-class artists paired up with one classic Cartoon Network animated show and the creation of a mindful representation of something great. (Above, Jules Julien, the Power Puff Girls).

This is a huge honor, and all of the featured artists are creating something spectacular. If you are in San Diego, make sure you check it out, if you know someone heading out, snag your free mini magazine at Comic-Con booth 4833 and if you are a lover of all things cultural, stay in touch, as more information will be available soon. Featured Above: Andy Helms, Jonathan Bergeron and Rod Hunt. (Featured below: Bryan Mon, Philippe Lardy, Roman Klonek). (See other 20th Anniversary artwork, artist studio tours and artist sketches here).

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