Raymond Verdaguer Delivers for Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Genndy Tartakovsky’s visions of samurai warriors lead him down the path of animated greatness with the animated cartoon Samurai Jack. 2001-2004 Was a great run for this stylized gem and provides a wonderful accolade for the Cartoon Network to celebrate July 12—15 during San Diego’s Comic-Con convention.

In fact, over 75 artists have been paired up with other Cartoon Network classics in celebration of their 20th Anniversary. French-born linoleum cut artist, Raymond Verdaguer, has recently created a new work for Cartoon Network’s celebration, entitled Hydrapinion 1. Hydrapinion 1 addresses evil often faced in episodes of Samurai Jack. Raymond’s final piece is all about the the fabrication of machines turned against humankind in an effort to thwart Samurai Jack’s good nature on the path to enlightenment.

Raymond Verdaguer, writes more here. Stay tuned for more Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary blog entries and more from curator, publisher, designer Mark Murphy.

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