Fine Artist Karen Barbour

Inverness, California artist Karen Barbour paints a rich narrative that introduces a world comprised of dreamlike shapes and color assembled edge to edge. (Top Right Green Mushroom House—In Progress).

At first sight, Karen’s compositions appear dense, leaving no space between background and foreground, often layering her subjects hidden within the illustrative texture. Karen’s language might be described as dreamy, poetic, conversational and thoughtful. Organic shapes dance, as the landscape is revealed with thoughtful sensitivity to relationships visually exchanged between protagonists.

Karen Barbour is one of the featured artists in the upcoming Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition premiering during Comic-Con in San Diego July 12—15, 2012. (Candy Castle (L), Windows, Balloons, etc. (R)).

Karen has been featured in many exhibitions over the years and it’s with honor and creative exchange that we present a few of her latest sketches created for this year’s exhibition featuring her interpretation of “AdventureTime.” To see more of Karen Barbour’s artistry, please click here. Check out Karen’s studio tour here, additional featured artists here, mini zine sketches, exhibition information here.

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