Power Puff Girls +Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary

Santa Fe based fine artist Joel Nakamura recently completed a new work on tin for the upcoming celebration of Cartoon Network’s 20th Year Celebration. Colorfully animated, Professor Utonium’s “sugar...spice...and everything nice” super trio—Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup—swim in defense of all that is good against Joel Nakamura’s musings. (Below, Branden Collins, Flapjack).

In fact, 74 additional artists are currently creating a dynamic assortment of imaginative pieces to compliment a new Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition to be premiered in San Diego during Comic-Con July 12—15. (Below, Emile Morel, Problem Solverz).

Craig McCracken’s vision of the Power Puff Girls will be realized by a handful of other artists while all of the artists have been matched up with Cartoon Network’s greatest hits of cartoons over the years. Additional shows include: Adventure Time, Ben 10, Billy & Mandy, Dexter’s Laboratory, Fosters, Regular Show, Samurai Jack and Sym-Biotic Titan. (Below, Nick Sheehy, Sym-Biotic Titan).

All of the artists featured in this exhibition are exceptional and each artist brings an amazing perspective while applying their creative spin on each show. Can’t wait to share the creative power of this amazing group of world-class artists. Thanks to Cartoon Network for this amazing opportunity, the design and animation departments, the 75 featured artists and you for supporting this amazing celebration. More soon.

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