Murphy Books at Comic-Con Booth 4833

Comic-Con San Diego is where it’s at and Murphy Design, located at Booth 4833, will be delivering creative books, movies, t-shirts and signed collectibles. We will be sharing a booth with fine artists Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, premiering a new 20th Birthday Celebration Art Exhibit for Cartoon Network and showcasing new artist originals.

Visit Murphy Books at Booth 4833 and check out the brand new mini exhibition catalog created for fine artist, Martin Wittfooth. This 36 page, 5x7" and full-color production showcases 29 oil paintings and original photography in a inspired volume titled, “Martin Wittfooth Painting Collection—Zóion Mythology No. 1.”

Martin Wittfooth is a Brooklyn based painter who draws upon industrial and natural elements, often displaying masterful intersections that violently clash on the canvas. Martin’s work implores the viewer to question the status quo, challenge what we take for granted, and proceed with caution on one’s daily course. In other words, “Martin Wittfooth mangles the beauty of nature with the abandoned cityscape left behind by humankind.”

Please stop by Murphy Books booth 4833 at Comic-Con in San Diego July 11—15 and see new projects for Martin Wittfooth (36 page mini zine), Cartoon Network (36 page mini zine), Tim Mantoani (Sold Out—Behind Photographs), Ray Caesar (Sold Out Book and Limited Edition), Mark Murphy (OIL, Pluto, Letterpress Editions, Lino Print Editions, Originals, Zines), Jeff Soto (Sold Out Potato Stamp Dreams, No Hope and Storm Clouds), Jason Shawn Alexander (Undertow and Exhibit Catalogs), Murphy Books, Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson. Stop on by, and check out the Cartoon Network Birthday Art Exhibit at Jett Gallery Wednesday—Saturday during Comic-Con.

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